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"Sherry has such a wonderful, positive, energy. Her smile is infectious. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful. I enjoyed being a part of this event." - Kim

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Based upon my inspirational novel, Walking Through the Pain, this course provides you with the tools to not only survive your pain, but to thrive! This course will equip you to heal from your pain so that you can live whole, liberated, and free. You'll learn how to create healthy boundaries, be empowered to live boldly in your truth, and how to overcome the fear that has kept you from pursuing the life you desire to live. It's time to thrive, register below!

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  • $397.00
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Every course registration includes:

  • Practical steps to heal

    This course contains 21 practical steps to help you to heal from your pain that you can begin implementing today.

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    The online format allows you to access the course mateiral when it best fits your schedule,

Book Review: Walking Through the Pain

Sherry, this book changed my life for life. It's a must read. God is always right on time. [You are] touching so many lives. Blessings Sherry. Thank you for touching me and reminding me that pain is pain..." - Robin

When survival isn't enough,

you must start walking through the pain!

It's time to heal and be liberated from what has been holding you back! Are you ready to transform your life and to go from defeat to victor? If so, click the button below!

Book Review: Walking Through the Pain

"Sherry! So I just finished your book! I started it last night and finished it today during my lunch break. I wanted to stay up to read the whole thing last night, but I needed to sleep. Excellent, excellent, excellent! I love how through Oliva's story, we can see that God is still in control and that when we come to Him, He'll give peace and freedom to walk through our stuff. So good!


CEO/Founder & Empowerment Strategist Sherry Wherry

I am the CEO/Founder, and Empowerment Strategist of Wherry Consultations, LLC. I am passionate about helping women to move past their pain and barriers to success in order to manifest their God-given identity. I graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and I have completed a certificate of training in Personal Development Coaching from the RS Counseling & Wellness Center (RSCWC). I have extenseive experience in Social Services and empowering individuals to accomplish their educational, professional, personal, and spiritual goals. I am the Lead Life Coach for RSCWC, and I currently serve as a licensed Minister in my local church. One of my life goals is to change the world by providing services that speaks to one's heart, mind, and soul.