Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Personal Message from Sherry Wherry

    • Welcome from Sherry Wherry

  • 2

    Intro & Before You Start Writing

    • Defining your expertise and setting your budget

  • 3

    How to Write Your Book

    • Drafting your manuscript

  • 4

    Creating a Writing Schedule

    • How to write your book in 30 days

  • 5

    Publishing & Marketing Your Book

    • Pros and cons of publishing options

    • Website links to research self-publishing platforms

    • Publishing your book - paperback details

    • Publishing your book - paperback content

    • Publishing your book - rights, marketing, and pricing

  • 6

    Miscellaneous Tips

    • Things to keep in mind

  • 7

    Before you go...

    • Congratulations and special offer!


CEO/Founder & Empowerment Strategist

Sherry Wherry

I am the CEO/Founder, and Empowerment Strategist of Wherry Consultations, LLC. I am passionate about helping women to move past their pain and barriers to success in order to manifest their God-given identity. I graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and I have completed a certificate of training in Personal Development Coaching from the RS Counseling & Wellness Center (RSCWC). I have extenseive experience in Social Services and empowering individuals to accomplish their educational, professional, personal, and spiritual goals. I am the Lead Life Coach for RSCWC, and I currently serve as a licensed Minister in my local church. One of my life goals is to change the world by providing services that speaks to one's heart, mind, and soul.